Career Choice – making the move to consultancy

Published on: 7 Dec 2017

Lawyers taking control of their careers:

As legal departments continuously look to manage resource in more alternative, cost-effective ways, the need to hire lawyers for specific projects for finite periods has become an attractive, viable, commercial model for many businesses. Legal teams are able to call on the support of interim lawyers for short-term periods and meet project deadlines quickly. Projects could include regulatory implementation, or to cover short-term team absences or busier periods within the team, without the need to add to permanent headcount.

ES Agile has seen an increased demand for the use of interim lawyers, across all sectors and the working model is becoming a lifestyle and career choice for many.


It is easy to see why working in a more flexible way is so attractive from the consultant’s perspective, as it can allow lawyers to fulfil other interests and passions outside of the law, whilst also enjoying working on challenging projects for a range of clients.  The ability to diversify skillset, take on new challenges or equip themselves with broader experience to enable career progression is an attractive proposition to lawyers looking at the market.

We have interviewed lawyers at all levels that are making a choice to take charge of their careers.  Trying new sectors or moving from private practice to in-house, or freeing  up more time for family, creating an app, working for a charity, renovating the home or starting a fashion blog!

ES Agile lawyers are able to make informed career choices, with more options to decide when and how they work. They tell us this freedom is liberating and rewarding as consultants are able to build their own networks within the legal teams of a wide range of companies with the support of an international firm behind them.

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By Vanessa Harvey, Resourcing & Operations Consultant

Eversheds Sutherland Agile

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