How can I conduct myself during an interview to ensure that I’ll be remembered – for the right reasons – as a unique candidate?

Written by: Shearman & Sterling
Published on: 24 Oct 2017

At Shearman & Sterling our small trainee intake means that we don’t interview a large number of candidates. We review application forms carefully, meaning that by the time you are called to interview, we are fairly certain you have the capability to be one our trainees and we want to find out more about your potential, personality and motivations for applying.

The best way to be remembered is to make sure you act like yourself in the interview. Don’t be afraid to give some colour on why you are interested in the role and bring to life the transferable skills you have picked up through work experience, your academic life and any extracurricular pursuits. This does not mean going into unnecessary specifics, instead be honest about the real reason you first became interested in law or why you have a passion for international deals or pro bono work, or even your university hockey team!

Speaking honestly and from the heart will ensure you are engaging, genuine and enthusiastic. When nerves take over it is very difficult to be friendly, smiley and confident. If you practice beforehand, are aware of your body language and bring enthusiasm to the interview, you will have put yourself in the best position to ensure you’re remembered for being a positive, enthusiastic candidate with a great attitude.

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