Solicitors: Are you aware of your role in unoccupied properties?

Written by: Guardcover
Published on: 7 Dec 2018

Demand for all kinds of property is increasing and with roughly 1 in 10 properties* on the UK market reportedly undergoing probate, they are an increasingly familiar option to prospective home buyers.

If someone has been left a property through a will, it can be a difficult time for all involved. Most people may want to sell the house quickly for emotional reasons or even to prevent high maintenance costs. However, executors lacking experience in handling probate often underestimate how much time and work this responsibility can require.

As part of the probate process, extra insurance can be a pressing concern for many executors, who may wish to ensure the home is secure and protected. Most insurance policies contain a clause relating to what happens when the property is left unoccupied for a specific term, but often a home that remains unoccupied can fall outside of these terms supplied by a generic household policy. And this is where specific Unoccupied property insurance comes into play.

In a previous survey ran by Guardcover, the lack of clarity around solicitors’ responsibilities and roles in securing appropriate insurance for unoccupied property occurred at all levels of seniority. Views about who is responsible for clients getting the right cover and the property being insured to the correct value was also mixed.

Today, we want to learn more about your views and experiences as a solicitor when handling unoccupied properties – whether that be for probate, intestate or power of attorney.

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Guardcover work alongside hundreds of Solicitor Firms and a number of Local Authorities and Charities each year, and have been insuring residential and small unoccupied commercial properties, for them and their clients, for over 20 years. Our unoccupied property insurance caters for most types of property whether it's a private house or flat, small commercial property, or even if it's just land you need to insure - we can help.