What do all excellent applications have in common?

Written by: Taylor Wessing
Published on: 19 Jun 2017

A superstar application form is thoughtful, relevant, and genuine. Each section of the application form should showcase your unique strengths and personality:

• Interest & Achievement Section - Include your best examples to give the greatest impact rather than including everything. Show diversity through these examples, for instance, working as part of team, working individually, one off experiences and ongoing interests so you can demonstrate your ability to be agile and adapt to new environments.

• Working Experience Section - Relevant experience is helpful but firms recognise that this is not possible for everyone to have these opportunities. Ensure you include other experiences that can support your motivation to law e.g. attending open days and events. As law is a client led industry so we appreciate diverse experiences that can bring this expertise into discussions with clients.

• Career Focus Questions - In these questions we are looking for evidence that you have done your research and you are able to show your passion and commitment to the career path.

• Overall Communication - Please ensure your communication throughout your application form is clear and concise as this is a common area where candidates lose marks.

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