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  • "Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world"

    3 Jun 2019| Iain Millard

    So said Hollywood great, Lauren Bacall. A view that seems particularly pertinent in what can only be described as a period of unprecedented change in the legal services market.

  • Top tips on making partner during your legal career

    20 May 2019| Jodie Beck

    Have you recently missed out on partnership or a promotion at your current legal firm and wondering why? In this blog, Sellick Partnership legal recruitment expert Jodie Beck discusses some of the common questions she gets asked, and offers her tips on maximising career progression within the legal sector.

  • The evolution of the modern law firm

    28 Mar 2019| Jennifer Wellspeak, Chadwick Nott

    When you picture life inside a law firm do you still picture a traditional atmosphere: large Partner offices (with the obligatory secretary right outside) and stressed, overworked Associates who’ve forgotten what their homes even look like? Suits, suits, and more suits? If so, you will be surprised by the changes in the firms of today.

  • The interim legal market and what's in store for 2019

    28 Feb 2019| Chris Goodman

    It’s February 2019 and the market is back in full swing now that everyone has returned after the holiday season.

  • Are you aware of your personal online brand?

    26 Feb 2019

    Your personal online brand can be just as important as the suit you wear to an interview.

  • Partner and Team moves in the SW legal market

    18 Feb 2019| Matthew Goodwin, Chadwick Nott

    What tends to drive a Partner or Team level move?

  • Shine bright like a diamond: Legal job search made easy by personal branding

    7 Feb 2019| Penny Heighway

    Even if you are entirely happy in your current role, time spent on your personal brand now can help you earn promotions, attract new business, and build better relationships with your clients and co-workers. Take time out of your busy day for a bit of “you” time, it could pay dividends.

  • New Year, New Job: What you should think about before you start a job search

    5 Feb 2019| ​Sarah Boxall, Chadwick Nott

    I can tell by the speed that emails are arriving in my inbox that a new job is certainly high on the list of New Year’s resolutions.

  • Jump or be pushed - When to consider your move into legal contracting

    1 Feb 2019| James Lewindon

    We know that legal consulting isn’t for everyone.  By doing your research, you are in the position of controlling your own career, assessing the pros and cons against your current permanent role and empowering you to make that decision, not your employer.

  • A Career as a PSL

    28 Jan 2019| gmk legal

    What is a PSL and what do they do?

  • Choices, Priorities and Money – making a move in-house…

    25 Jan 2019| Brian Littleton, Chadwick Nott

    The decision to make a move in-house can be reached at various stages of one’s legal career.

  • Making Your Appraisal Work For You

    21 Jan 2019| Cathryn Holmes, Chadwick Nott

    For many lawyers, it’s that time of year again; trying to find the time to complete your annual appraisal and perhaps a chance to discuss your current salary and whether there is any possibility of an increase this year.

  • gmk Salary Survey & Market Review 2018/2019

    17 Dec 2018| gmk

    gmk discuss a promising near future for the world of legal recruitment despite the current political turmoil in the UK.

  • The Legal 500 view: We’ll be championing women but we need your help

    13 Dec 2018| Georgina Stanley, Legal Business

    Rankings, by definition, are never going to please everyone (nor should they). But, as the new UK editor of The Legal 500, there’s one issue in particular that I see as an area to progress: diversity.

  • How to find the best business leaders in law

    13 Dec 2018| Deborah Gray, Totum

    Director Deborah Gray shares Totum’s latest research into business services leadership in law and explains how this is informing its best practice guidance on leadership recruitment

  • Solicitors: Are you aware of your role in unoccupied properties?

    7 Dec 2018| Guardcover

    Guardcover outline their ambition to clear the air regarding solicitors’ responsibilities and roles in securing appropriate insurance for unoccupied property.

  • IR35: The end of the private sector temp?

    3 Dec 2018| Charlotte Williams, Chadwick Nott

    In the recent Budget released, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that changes to IR35 regulations will be extended to the private sector.

  • 16 easy steps to making you a great managing partner

    22 Nov 2018| Alex Novarese

    Recently a surprisingly popular column in Legal Business took a jaded view of the state of leadership in major law firms. The nub of our argument was that the law firm c-suite had descended into technocratic managerialism over genuine leadership, leaving once bold institutions to put off crucial decisions.

  • Why would you move to the Channel Islands?

    19 Nov 2018| Luke Woodward

    In under 4 minutes find out why the Channel Islands are a viable place for relocation (not accounting for slow readers).

  • Take Control of your Career – Is there another path?

    12 Nov 2018

    Contract work is not for everyone all the time.