Jepson Holt

Contact: Olivia Betts

7 Burton Place
Ellesmere Street
United Kingdom
M15 4PT
United Kingdom

Tel: 0870 143 2840

About Jepson Holt

Jepson Holt are Head Hunters, we are Recruitment Consultants (in the true sense of the word), we are Business Strategy and Merger & Acquisition Consultants. We are all of these and we are more. We know that great businesses are built by great People.

We believe that great People deserve the chance to work in places where they can flourish.We are about growth through people and growth of people. We help your business become better and more profitable through bringing you the people who can make the difference for you.

We can bring you individuals, teams, or other businesses to help you achieve your strategy. As an individual we help you to achieve your potential, whether that can be done where you are or whether you need to move. We understand and can get you what you need to develop the skills and experience to move to the next level.

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